Honor Eastly tries Etsy Wk 2: I Made My First Sale!

This week I made my first sale! Wowee! Thank you Carlin for buying a Feelings Pack from me, I hope it satiates all your feelings desires :)

As you may have heard on the podcast this week, I really had no idea what to do after I made a sale, but thankfully the Etsy Seller Handbook was there to save the day. I didn’t know about the Seller Handbook before I started my store, but it’s basically the Etsy oracle, and has the answer to any question you can imagine: how to take great photographs of your items, how in the world intellectual property infringement works, and even how to do fancy stuff with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - which is largely beyond me, but is explained really simply by the lovely staff at Etsy who make all these resources.

So after I made my first sale I searched “first sale” in the Seller Handbook, and immediately found two articles on the topic, which told me exactly what to do. I also found a super handy article on best practice for making super cute packaging. I think I did pretty well with my first package :)

All the info you need it there, so go ahead and try to sell something yourself. Head to etsy.com/promotions to start your store, and use the code STARVINGARTIST to get your first 20 listings free.


Honor Eastly tries Etsy Wk 1: Try and Beat Me!

That's right everyone! For the next six episodes I'm going to be trying my hand at opening an Etsy store my-damn-self. Setting up an online store is something I've been meaning to do for, honestly, at least three years, so thanks Etsy, for finally giving me a reason to get my act together and try it.

In this week's instalment of "Honor Eastly tries Etsy": I try to see how quickly I can set up an Etsy store, and you can try to beat my time and win stuff.

What will you win?

The Feelings Pack: all feelings, all the time

The Feelings Pack: all feelings, all the time

My very first Etsy item, the Feelings pack, packed full of feelings. You'll get three badges made for feelings, and three postcards to hang on your wall, or cry on and send to your mates.

How do you win all these feelings?

All you have to do is start your own store faster than me. To do that I suggest making sure you have the following on your before you begin:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Something you want to sell, and a picture of it to upload
  3. Your wallet
  4. Your passport or some other ID (not everyone will need to do this, but I had to rush around my room to find mine)

When you've got all that you just need to:

  1. Grab your computer
  2. Head to etsy.com/promotions (where you can use the code STARVINGARTIST to get your first 20 listings free)
  3. Set yourself a timer
  4. Open your own store!
  5. If you beat my time (or come close to it - look I'm not a hard ass) just email me at contact+etsy@honoreastly.com with a screenshot of your time, and a link to your new store, with the subject line "I TOTALLY BEAT YOU!"

And that's it. Looking forward to seeing you crush my competition.

Love and entering into the world of online marketplaces,
Honor x

PS. Look at how pretty my store is! You can check it out here (or by clicking on the photo below).