Honor Eastly tries Etsy Wk 2: I Made My First Sale!

This week I made my first sale! Wowee! Thank you Carlin for buying a Feelings Pack from me, I hope it satiates all your feelings desires :)

I may have gone overboard on the Making Pretty Packaging thing

I may have gone overboard on the Making Pretty Packaging thing

As you may have heard on the podcast this week, I really had no idea what to do after I made a sale, but thankfully the Etsy Seller Handbook was there to save the day. I didn’t know about the Seller Handbook before I started my store, but it’s basically the Etsy oracle, and has the answer to any question you can imagine: how to take great photographs of your items, how in the world intellectual property infringement works, and even how to do fancy stuff with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - which is largely beyond me, but is explained really simply by the lovely staff at Etsy who make all these resources.

So after I made my first sale I searched “first sale” in the Seller Handbook, and immediately found two articles on the topic, which told me exactly what to do. I also found a super handy article on best practice for making super cute packaging. I think I did pretty well with my first package :)

All the info you need it there, so go ahead and try to sell something yourself. Head to etsy.com/promotions to start your store, and use the code STARVINGARTIST to get your first 20 listings free.