Honor Eastly tries Etsy Wk 3: What The Hell Should I Actually Sell??

This is now a thing! And you can buy it  here !

This is now a thing! And you can buy it here!

This week in “Honor Eastly tries Etsy” my very obliging boyfriend is back to help me brainstorm another problem: what the hell should I - a creative who makes a lot of podcasts, but not a lot of things you can buy - actually sell? The Boyfriend Brainstorm Bonanza resulted in me making this print of the very first email very first email I wrote where I asked to be paid for my creative work. It came out of my interest in how we can actually share that nitty gritty information. Like, I know I should negotiate more, but how??? And now this idea for a thing is actually a thing you can buy! Head to etsy.com/honoreastly if you want to nab yourself one.

And if you want to start an Etsy store yourself, there’s a special promo code for Starving Artist listeners. Just head to etsy.com/promotions, chuck in the code STARVINGARTIST and you’re on your way!