Episode 1: How To Win Every Grant You Apply For with Laura Woodward (VIC) (confirmed)

Laura Woodward is a Melbourne-based artist who's won almost every grant she's applied for, this week we get the top tips from the grant whiz.

laura woodward.jpg

Laura Woodward lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. She has been creating sculptural kinetic installations for several years, with her kinetic installations having been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia. Laura's current explorations focus on the potential of system-based kinetic installations, where the system's inherent logic drives its formal and systematic emergence.

Solo exhibitions include "Writhe", Ararat Regional Gallery, 2015; "Introverted", Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Southbank, 2013; "The Saltus" at Place Gallery, Richmond, in 2011; and "Underwing", Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda, 2010. Curated group exhibitions include "Composing Common Worlds", curated by Dr Kent Wilson, Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery and "In Motion", curated by Sally Clarke, Airspace, Sydney, 2014; and the "McClelland Sculpture Award", 2007 and 2010.

Completed public commissions include "Voices" at Craigieburn Central Shopping Centre (in collaboration with Jem Freeman) and the Horsham Highway Entrance Sculpture. Laura's major public commission "Murmur" will be installed in Marina Tower, Docklands, by the end of 2017.

Laura received an Australia Council Emerging Artist New Work Grant in 2010 and Australia Council Mid-Career Artist New Work Grants in 2013 and 2014; was the winner of the Agendo Prize for Emerging Artists in 2009; and received both the Vulcan Steel Postgraduate Tutorship Award and a Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholarship Award in 2007. She has also been short-listed for numerous awards and commissions, including the Melbourne Fire Brigade memorial for fallen fire-fighters at Burnley. In 2015 Laura received a 'Highly Commended' award for the Art Gallery of NSW Studios in Paris Scholarship.


Episode 2: Learning The Dark Art of Marketing with Mark Manson (US) (confirmed)

In this episode we delve into the dark art of marketing your creative work.


Mark Manson is an American self-help author and blogger.  He is the author of the website MarkManson.net (which receives 2 million visitors per month) and The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living the Good Life (which has sold over 1.5 million copies).

Episode 3: Art, class, and community with TextaQueen, Celeste Mountjoy and Brodie Lancaster (all VIC) (all confirmed)

In this episode we speak with three artists, TextaQueen, Celeste Mountjoy, and Brodie Lancaster about the intersections of art, class and community.


TextaQueen is known for virtuosity in using the humble and unforgiving medium of fibre-tip marker (aka ‘texta’) to articulate complex politics of race, gender, sexuality and identity; examining how visual and popular culture inform personal identity with increasing focus on the influence of ethno-cultural and colonial legacies on these dynamics.

Their work has appeared as commissioned tapestries for the Australian Tapestry Workshops, animations for SBS TV and National Portrait Gallery of Australia, a surfboard for Clean Ocean Foundation, a colouring-in book and calendar tea-towel for Third Drawer Down, album cover art for Rose Turtle Ertler, murals, tattoos, billboards, postcards, posters, zines and pin-up playing cards.

Celeste Mountjoy (@filthyratbag)
Celeste Mountjoy is best known by her online moniker @filthyratbag, where she posts drawings that touch on depression, feminism, and political satire. She boasts an impressive following of nearly half a million fans across instagram and social media and her work has been featured by VICE, Dazed, Rookie and Polyester.

Brodie Lancaster
Brodie Lancaster is a writer and editor from Melbourne. She is the founder and editor of Filmme Fatales, a zine about film and feminism. She writes about pop culture, feminism and feelings for websites and magazines. In 2015 she was named one of Melbourne Writers Festival's '30 Under 30', and earned a spot on the shortlist of the Richell Prize award for Emerging Writers. 

Her first book, a pop culture memoir titled No Way! Okay, Fine was released by Hachette in July 2017.


Episode 4: #AskAnArtist My Parents Bought Me A House with anonymous artists (VIC) (TBC)


Owning your own home is about as close to the Australian dream as you can get, but, it's also becoming ever elusive. In creative circles it's something of a tight-lipped topic, so this week we go undercover to ask artists anonymously, how did you get your house?

We'll hear from artists from all ends of the spectrum, those who made it themselves, those who inherited a shack in Altona, and those who were given a spare loft in Toorak to see, how does that change your creative career?

Episode 5: Structuring Your Business, Structuring Your Life with Megan Tan (US) (confirmed)

Megan Tan.jpg

Megan Tan, the creator of the hugely successful podcast Millennial, talks how she shapes her business around her life, and how she shapes her life around her business.

Megan Tan is an independent audio producer with a background in photojournalism and documentary film.  In 2013, she interned at WNYC's Radiolab, encouraging her to pivot from visuals to audio. In 2014, she created and launched Millennial and in three years, the show grew from a passion project into a full-time job. It became a Radiotopia sponsored show and reached up to 400k downloads/month. Megan and Millennial have been recognized in The Guardian, The Atlantic, BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, and Refinery 29.  Megan is currently based in New York City working as a contract producer.

Episode 6: #AskAnArtist Why I Quit Art with Carl Scrase (AUS) (other artists TBC)

This episode will feature three interviews with various artists who have left their burgeoning art careers behind for greener pastures. We ask them "Why?"


Carl Scrase
Carl Scrase is an Australian Artist, Activist, Writer and Social Entrepreneur. Carl received early recognition for his meticulously patterned found-object sculptures and psychedelic collages. During this period he showed extensively around Australia, having his first commercial solo art show in 2009 at the reputable John Buckley Gallery in Melbourne.He took part in the inaugural Splendid Arts Lab in 2009 and was commissioned to make an iconic 14 meter high Sculpture for the 2010 Splendour in the Grass music festival, the sculpture has since toured to Lismore and Perth.

Carl's creative practice became notably more cross disciplinary in 2010, with large scale works for Next Wave Festival and Art Month Sydney. Carl further expanded his creative practice late in 2010, when he denounced the title artist, in favour of the title ‘social engineer’. 2011 saw Carl develop the Social Engineering Research Initiative (S.E.R.I.), co-found the Wemakeus Collective, take part in the prestigious Young Social Pioneers program and become politically active as a media team member of Occupy Melbourne.

Carl has since moved away from a formal career in the arts after he moved to Commonground, a cooperative living organisation north of Melbourne. He now lives in New Zealand with his partner and child.

Other artists TBC

Episode 7: #AskAnArtist Lessons From The Worst Freelancers In The World (feature artists TBC)

This episode we open our Starving Artist confession booth to receive recordings from artists all over the world about their freelancer sins. Let's share in all the hours we've procrastinated, the invoices we never followed up, and the days spent lying around in our pyjamas.

Then we speak with Madeleine Dore, creator Extraordinary Routines, the website that investigates the lives and routines of some of the world's top creatives, to get the top tips on how to set yourself up for a win as a freelance creative.


Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer, interviewer and content producer based in Melbourne.   

Curious about how creativity is reflected in our daily lives, she founded the online interview project Extraordinary Routines, sharing conversations with artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to better understand how we live.

Under the Extraordinary Routines banner, she has collaborated with esteemed publications, including a monthly column on Kill Your Darlings, a bi-monthly profile for Audrey Daybook, and previously a monthly series on Australia's biggest design blog, The Design Files.

She was previously the deputy editor at ArtsHub and has written for Sunday Life, Womankind, Muse, 99u, BBC Capital, Kill Your Darlings.

Episode 8: How To Not Sell Out with Adam JK (US) (confirmed)


Adam JK goes where many artists don't: branded content. He thinks you can work with brands, and hang onto your creative integrity - this week he tells us how.

Adam J. Kurtz is a graphic designer, artist, author and illustrator. His first book, 1 Page at a Time, has been translated into ten languages, and his work has been featured in ArtReport, Cool Hunting, Design Sponge, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Time Out New York, AdWeek, Paper, and elsewhere. He has collaborated with Urban Outfitters, Strand Bookstore, the Brooklyn Public Library, and retailers and cultural institutions. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Episode 9: #AskAnArtist Creativity, disability, and invisibility with Annika Victoria (AUS) (other artists TBC)

Creative careers are hard. They often involve a gruelling schedule, long hours creating, and a lot of free work. So how do you make it work if you have a disability? This week we ask three artists that exact question.

Annika is a 25-year-old video creator, passionate DIY’er and community leader from Sydney, Australia. 

Annika makes videos about sewing and style for seamsters of all levels, with a focus on sustainable and socially-responsible fashion. She is passionate about teaching people of all abilities how to sew, geeking out about fabrics, fashion and trends, and raising awareness of the impact people's clothing choices have on the world. Through her own experiences with a life-threatening chronic illness, she promotes positivity through hardship and has an optimistic way of looking at the world around her.

Her Youtube channel currently has over 600,000 subscibers, 50 million+ views, a number of ongoing series and a passionate and enthusiastic fanbase.

Other artists TBC

Episode 10: #AskAnArtist Can You Have Kids and Still Make Art?

One of the most popular episodes from last season was Becky Sui Zhen's interview around choosing whether to have a family. This episode looks at the other side of the child divide? What about creatives who have already chosen to have a family, how do they fit in their art?

We'll speak with three artists, some who regret it, some who don't, to see what changes when family comes on the scene.

Artists TBC