Episode 7: #AskAnArtist Lessons From The Worst Freelancers In The World (feature artists TBC)

This episode we open our Starving Artist confession booth to receive recordings from artists all over the world about their freelancer sins. Let's share in all the hours we've procrastinated, the invoices we never followed up, and the days spent lying around in our pyjamas.

Then we speak with Madeleine Dore, creator Extraordinary Routines, the website that investigates the lives and routines of some of the world's top creatives, to get the top tips on how to set yourself up for a win as a freelance creative.


Madeleine Dore is a freelance writer, interviewer and content producer based in Melbourne.   

Curious about how creativity is reflected in our daily lives, she founded the online interview project Extraordinary Routines, sharing conversations with artists, writers, and entrepreneurs to better understand how we live.

Under the Extraordinary Routines banner, she has collaborated with esteemed publications, including a monthly column on Kill Your Darlings, a bi-monthly profile for Audrey Daybook, and previously a monthly series on Australia's biggest design blog, The Design Files.

She was previously the deputy editor at ArtsHub and has written for Sunday Life, Womankind, Muse, 99u, BBC Capital, Kill Your Darlings.