Episode 3: Art, class, and community with TextaQueen, Celeste Mountjoy and Brodie Lancaster (all VIC) (all confirmed)

In this episode we speak with three artists, TextaQueen, Celeste Mountjoy, and Brodie Lancaster about the intersections of art, class and community.


TextaQueen is known for virtuosity in using the humble and unforgiving medium of fibre-tip marker (aka ‘texta’) to articulate complex politics of race, gender, sexuality and identity; examining how visual and popular culture inform personal identity with increasing focus on the influence of ethno-cultural and colonial legacies on these dynamics.

Their work has appeared as commissioned tapestries for the Australian Tapestry Workshops, animations for SBS TV and National Portrait Gallery of Australia, a surfboard for Clean Ocean Foundation, a colouring-in book and calendar tea-towel for Third Drawer Down, album cover art for Rose Turtle Ertler, murals, tattoos, billboards, postcards, posters, zines and pin-up playing cards.

Celeste Mountjoy (@filthyratbag)
Celeste Mountjoy is best known by her online moniker @filthyratbag, where she posts drawings that touch on depression, feminism, and political satire. She boasts an impressive following of nearly half a million fans across instagram and social media and her work has been featured by VICE, Dazed, Rookie and Polyester.

Brodie Lancaster
Brodie Lancaster is a writer and editor from Melbourne. She is the founder and editor of Filmme Fatales, a zine about film and feminism. She writes about pop culture, feminism and feelings for websites and magazines. In 2015 she was named one of Melbourne Writers Festival's '30 Under 30', and earned a spot on the shortlist of the Richell Prize award for Emerging Writers. 

Her first book, a pop culture memoir titled No Way! Okay, Fine was released by Hachette in July 2017.