Episode 9: #AskAnArtist Creativity, disability, and invisibility with Annika Victoria (AUS) (other artists TBC)

Creative careers are hard. They often involve a gruelling schedule, long hours creating, and a lot of free work. So how do you make it work if you have a disability? This week we ask three artists that exact question.

Annika is a 25-year-old video creator, passionate DIY’er and community leader from Sydney, Australia. 

Annika makes videos about sewing and style for seamsters of all levels, with a focus on sustainable and socially-responsible fashion. She is passionate about teaching people of all abilities how to sew, geeking out about fabrics, fashion and trends, and raising awareness of the impact people's clothing choices have on the world. Through her own experiences with a life-threatening chronic illness, she promotes positivity through hardship and has an optimistic way of looking at the world around her.

Her Youtube channel currently has over 600,000 subscibers, 50 million+ views, a number of ongoing series and a passionate and enthusiastic fanbase.

Other artists TBC