What in the world is Starving Artist?

Starving Artist is a podcast about having open, honest conversations about how artists make money work for them. Much of the money stuff in art is either shrouded in mystery, or hidden behind a big banner reading “SELL OUT,” which is why I want to open up these conversations and have them in public.

We're gearing up to launch our first season, and have already had Etsy come on board as a sponsor. We're now looking for sponsorship for the launch event, and thought that Sparkke would be a killer addition to our launch sequence.

The Very Fancy Launch Party

The launch party will be held on March 31st at Work-shop in Fitzroy, and will feature four of the twelve artists from the first season: Frances CannonBecky Sui ZhenWendy Syfret (i-D / VICE), and Sarah Firth.

That's right, these babes will be there:

Why Sparkke?

I attended the Her Words launch event last week, and was really impressed by Sparkke, which I hadn't come across before. I thought your product would make a perfect match for this project as my audience is largely politically progressive women aged 25-34. Think on trend young professionals and creatives with a social conscience. They spend their disposable income on their social lives and what’s left on design, art and fashion. I'm certain they will love the work that Sparkke is doing, and will strongly support toppling the CUB monopoly!

How It Would Work

I'd love to use the launch to promote your work, and for such a sponsorship I'd require drinks for about 120 people for a three hour event (much of which will be seated); I would estimate 10-15 cases, in return for links on social media, my pre-launch webpage, and my loyal mailing list, both before and during the event.

Why Me?

While this is a completely new project, it's not my first online rodeo (or in-person rodeo for that matter). My previous podcast, Being Honest With My Ex, has amassed over 80,000 downloads and has cultivated a fanbase loyal enough to support the show financially, as well as pay to have my international co-host flown to Australia to perform a live version of the show!

For this show I want to reach MORE PEOPLE, and I know that will happen since many of the guests I've lined up are way more popular than I am (in a good way!) The first season features the likes of Frances Cannon, Abbey Rich and Steve Roggenbuck, just to name a few.

Aside from previous experience, I've also carved out a nice little community. I have a small, but loyal email list of 600 subscribers. On social media I have over 7,000 followers/raving fans dispersed across all the networks, and I'm told by fancy analytics tools that my target demo is women Australian 25-34, with my second highest group being women 18-24.

Outside of my own reach, I have a few influential friends I'll be pestering to help promote this podcast. They include my mentor for this project Fenella Kernebone (Triple J, ABC, SBS), Madeleine Dore of Extraordinary Routines, and the folks at Next Wave Festival, but this is really only the beginning on this front.

Let's Do This!

I know Sparkke is a new company trying to do big new things (kind of like me). I'd love to partner up for this project so we can both help each others' thing grow big and strong.

If this sounds down your line, let me know. Happy to chat, swap ideas, and drink a tidy bevvy.