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1. Some quick stats

#1 iTunes Arts
#10 iTunes overall
10,000 downloads in the first week
145,000 downloads overall
5 star rating on iTunes

Listeners from every state and territory in Australia

2. iTunes Reviews

"Open and honest discussion about the money side of the creative industries, but still super relevant for anyone who's ever going to ask for a pay rise (i.e. most people). The world needs more of this."

"Brilliant. So helpful for anyone trying to follow their passion and build a career, creative or not."

"Thank you for filling this gap! Moving into a creative industry comes completely without a guide - this is as close to "professional development" as I've found!"

"Important and interesting - a must listen for young creatives and young people thinking about work, money and identity."

"I love how Honor manages to make talking about money so incredibly interesting. This podcast is essential listening for anyone interested or working in the arts. It's probably the one podcast that you'll listen to as soon as it's released."

"I love that this podcast is not afraid to ask all of the questions I'm very afraid to ask. More please!"

"Please do yourself a favour and listen to this podcast. So encouraging and honest, not just for those in the creative community but for everyone. Really makes you think about what you are giving to the world and it's worth in whatever form drives you."

"Fantastic. So informative, relatable, so recognisable and reassuring. My thinking is already changing towards my day-to-day artistic practice and where I want to be."

"Finally, realistic and down to earth interviews for artists who need life and career advice, that goes into the real money issues. I've been to a number of talks and so many glaze over topics without any in depth conversation, this podcast does the opposite and shares the lows and the highs."

3. Testimonials

"The podcast is an engaging conversation series with creative Australians focusing on how they manage their money – often a tricky subject for artists during the early stages of their career. The interviews provide much needed advice and insight and aim to inspire and empower the audience as they work towards their artistic goals and towards self-sufficiency."
Fenella Kernebone - Head of Curation TEDxSydney

"I wish that I had a resource like this when I was starting out. This type of honesty and spirit of sharing knowledge is rare in the creative world - but so valuable and important."
David Booth aka Ghostpatrol - Melbourne artist

"Working in the arts, something that drives me crazy is talk. Ironic as a writer. But there is so much talk about intent, action, movement, change. We get lost in semantics and academic language. The fact Honor made a project that is problem and solution oriented, that speaks directly to issues and tries to unpack them in a real life way, is so, so refreshing. But more than that it’s a real resource. Young creatives are always laden with conversations around what their work “means”. That adds to a market place where their skills are some how not seen as totally real. We need to have conversations around what creative skills are worth, so they can finally be quantified and valued."
Wendy Syfret - editor i-D (VICE)

"Honor has shaped Starving Artist into a project that is unique in format, approach, content and reach. As an established artist and lecturer – and having assisted many young Melbourne artists at the beginnings of their careers – I know that Starving Artist is a rare, necessary and timely resource. The relationship between art and money is often a tight-lipped conversation, and it is admirable and significant that Honor so boldly and candidly approaches this topic in a way that is accessible, entertaining, and that will assist many creative practitioners – particularly Melbourne creatives in the early stages of their artistic careers."
Laura Woodward - artist and lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts

4. Selected Media Coverage

An interview with Honor Eastly by Creators (VICE) that was shared over 300x on Facebook alone: 
Starving Artist: A Podcast That Gets Real About Money, Creativity, and Privilege

A feature on the podcast and Season One launch event by ArtsHub:
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An op-ed by Honor Eastly for Fairfax: 
Like many female artists I'm told I 'work too hard', the reasons are complex